Smart & Sustainable Cities

Welcome to “Smart and Sustainable Cities,” an essential Innovation Area within the GAEA (Green Alternatives for European Autonomy) Open Innovation Program!

Here, we are dedicated to redefining urban living for a sustainable future. This area focuses on harnessing technology, innovation, and sustainable practices to transform urban environments into smart, efficient, and livable spaces. The goal is to create cities that not only leverage technology for energy efficiency and sustainability but also prioritize the well-being of their inhabitants.

In this Innovation Area, we explore the integration of smart technologies into the urban fabric, from energy-efficient buildings and green spaces to intelligent transportation systems and sustainable resource management. The vision is to create interconnected, resilient urban ecosystems that respond dynamically to the needs of their inhabitants while minimizing environmental impact. This involves leveraging data and technology to optimize urban planning, reduce resource consumption, and enhance the quality of life.

We also trying to find strategies for reducing energy consumption in urban environments, from green building designs and renewable energy integration to smart energy management systems. The goal is to create cities that are not only technologically advanced but also champions of energy efficiency and sustainability, serving as models for future urban development.

This Innovation Area is addressed to:

  • Individuals from Business, Finance, Marketing, Technology, and Engineering academic sectors studying or recently completed their studies (up to four years) in any European University
  • Researchers and/or Ph.D. students in any relevant to the Innovation Areas science fields from any European University

who have or want to develop an innovative idea for Smart & Sustainable Cities.

  • Renewable Energy Integration in Urban Settings: Seamlessly integrating renewable energy sources into urban energy grids, focusing on solar, wind, and biomass.
  • Revolutionizing Urban Transport: A drive towards creating more sustainable, efficient, and accessible urban transportation systems, reducing environmental impacts.
  • Blueprints for Energy-Smart Urban Design: An endeavor to reimagine urban planning with a focus on energy conservation, sustainability, and harmonious living environments.
  • Redefining Urban Waste Management: An initiative to transform urban waste handling, emphasizing recycling and sustainable practices, reducing the ecological footprint of cities.
  • UrbanTech Integration Platform: Offering a comprehensive platform that integrates various smart technologies to manage urban systems efficiently, enhancing city life with data-driven solutions.
  • UrbanTech Integration for Energy Management: Developing a platform that specifically focuses on integrating smart technologies for efficient urban energy management, optimizing electricity, gas, and water usage in cities.
  • UrbanTech for Public Services Management: Creating a comprehensive system that uses smart technologies to enhance the management of public services like waste collection, public safety, and maintenance.
  • Autonomous Urban Transit Solutions: Innovating in autonomous vehicle technology for public transportation, aiming to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of urban travel.
  • Eco-Friendly Urban Transit Solutions: Developing sustainable urban transportation solutions, like electric or autonomous public transit systems, to revolutionize urban mobility while reducing environmental impact.
  • Smart Public Lighting: Depending on the level of illumination from the night moon, smart lighting offers reduced energy consumption by reducing or increasing brightness from a distance.
  • Adaptive Smart Public Lighting: Expanding smart public lighting solutions to include adaptive technologies that adjust illumination levels based on pedestrian traffic and weather conditions, further enhancing energy savings.
  • Green Urban Architecture: Focus on sustainable urban design and green building, utilizing innovative materials and energy-efficient designs to create eco-friendly urban spaces.
  • Urban Recycling Solutions Provider: Dedicated to advanced urban recycling technologies, processing, and repurposing city waste, supporting the transition to a circular economy in urban settings.
  • Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Materials: Innovation in environmentally friendly materials for urban infrastructure, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and roads.
  • Advanced Urban Recycling Techniques: Enhancing urban recycling efforts with new technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling processes, including the separation, and processing of complex waste streams.
  • Energy Autonomous Mass Transportation: Development of a mass transportation system that is fully energy autonomous. The system would be designed to optimize energy use, ensuring that vehicles can operate efficiently and reliably using only the energy they generate and store.
  • Energy-Generating Public Transportation: Developing public transportation systems that generate energy through regenerative braking or solar panels, contributing to the energy autonomy of the transit system.
  • Smart Grid Integration for Cities: Implementing smart grid technologies in urban areas to optimize electricity distribution, enhance the integration of renewable energy, and improve resilience to power fluctuations.
  • Decision Support System (DSS): aimed at local authorities and energy managers aims to implement and manage buildings and infrastructure to help them optimize energy use in their facilities and reduce CO2 emissions.

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